We all have moments where we feel sad, empty, or hopeless, the world seems a ‘sterile promontory’, and nothing seems worth doing. But if this state is more than momentary; if it taints your life for weeks or months on end, seemingly for no good reason, and to the point where it impacts your sleep, diet, concentration, energy levels, relationships, or even your will to live, then you are suffering a Major Depression and it is time to seek help.

The depressed individual, as I see it, has become lost, and in a sense needs a travel companion who knows the way back.

I attack depression from multiple angles. At the simplest level, I try to get you active. Sleep, diet, exercise, the basics of daily living, chores, pleasurable activities, social activities. Especially the latter. Why have you strayed from your group, your loved ones? I’m keen to get to the heart of this one way or another.

At a slightly deeper level, you need to get back on track with your life: Chances are you have unmet goals or ambitions with regard to your career, your relationship, your health, your social life. I’d invite you to brainstorm with me, to plan and problem-solve. Lets roll our sleeves up and get to work on improving the main aspects of your life.
As we do this, I’ll be watching closely to try to understand how you see the world. Chances are you don’t especially like yourself; chances are you’re cynical or insecure about what others think of you, pessimistic about your prospects, devoid of confidence in your own abilities… My job is to refurbish your depressogenic inner world, program a new perspective, talk you out of some of the excessively dark or despairing views you hold. I also propose to show you ways to tune out a little when such thinking arises— to get you out of your head and back into your life.

Often, the depressed have lost purpose, lost meaning in their lives. This is the deepest level at which we can attack depression. It’s hard to lead a fulfilled life if you hold yourself and your life in contempt, or think of it as beige, empty, repetitive— if you see yourself as essentially fidgeting, meandering until you die. You must strive to construct a purposeful life, whatever that means to you, as well as an engaged one. How do we do that? I’m not sure there’s a recipe here; but I’m happy to walk alongside you a while until we work it out…