Dr Steven Laurent is a registered clinical psychologist. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, as well as of the Australian Association of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

Steven Laurent

Dr Laurent is also a guest lecturer at Sydney University where he has taught Abnormal Psychology, and where he is currently undertaking and supervising research into anger.

Dr Laurent completed a PhD in Psychology at Sydney University, and Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of New South Wales.

Before beginning his studies in psychology, Dr Laurent completed a double major in Philosophy and Formal Logic at the Sorbonne in Paris.

In collaboration with Assoc. Prof. Ross Menzies, Dr Laurent has published two anger management books: The Anger Fallacy (Australian Academic Press, 2013), and The Anger Fallacy Workbook (Australian Academic Press, 2014).

He also runs Psychology Today’s anger blog, entitled Chill Pill.